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WHY MBA - Reasons to pursue MBA and reality

Shaurya has been wondering to do an MBA since a long time since his father keeps on pestering him to do so. He has not been able to decide what to do but yeah? What else can he do? SO, an MBA!
Priya wants to switch to a career option which would pay her a hefty amount! But she does not know what she enjoys doing, but who cares?? Arghhh, the pay is what she is looking for and for that what better than an MBA?? No??? So, an MBA!
Nirman is fed up of his 9-9 job. “Man, this work environment sucks, I don’t want to get stuck to this toxic workstation, I want to get out of this, I can’t wait for yearly 20% appraisals any longer. I want career growth, like now!” SO, an MBA is decided!
Rita has done her from LSR DU and since everyone in her batch is going for management, so is decided that she would too. An MBA. Period.
Mohit is highly influenced by his seniors who are enjoying sweet spots in Mauritius after completing their MBA. Their Instagram photos, OMG! looks so cool! He believes an MBA would give him a visa to all those luxuries of life. So, post-MBA life was his deciding factor. Therefore, he decided to get hitched to an MBA for another two years.
Jaynesh has been working in an IT firm for so long, and totally wants to get the flavour of student life for just once more! So, quick thought and MBA was locked.
Rushil’s parents are telling her to marry a guy who would keep her way happier than she is while surviving at a 4.5 lac package! MBA was her escape route from the marriage. Decide and Escape. Thus MBA.
I am sure till now, you would have related to one of the categories and if not!

CONGRATULATIONS, you have got the real motive of doing an MBA. Don’t get it wrong. Priya, Nirman, Mohit, Rita, Jaynesh, and Rushil are all motivated to do well in their lives and pursue an MBA. They must have targeted a great college in their head and would be prepping up hard for the same. They all have joined different coaching centres or must be consulting a mentor for making their dream come true. TIME, CL, IMS and the list is continuing till the online domain.
IIMs, SP Jain, XLRI, SIBM, MICA, TISS, IRMA, and many more top-notch colleges must have occupied their minds.

But is that just enough? Do they really know what is an MBA all about except the glamorous image portrayed and displayed on the walls of our minds? Is it the societal stamps which give a certificate of graduation in our status? Or the big 4 (JEE, NEET, CAT, UPSC) to-be-cracked exams for some of us? Well, whatever it is, let the external factors not be the sole judge of your career and ambitions. It is a decision which would form the trajectory of your path to the professional world. But then some of us know themselves in and out and they really need to be appreciated for this fact.

Anukriti is someone who wants a course which has a blend of creativity and analytical abilities. She knows all the different committees and societies of her dream college “MICA”. Either an MBA from MICA or prep again for MICA is on her mind. Jainam is super crazy about IRMA since he knows he wants to get into Rural Management or nothing else. And dang! IRMA. IRMA. IRMA

These are two among thousands of aspirants who are somewhat clear about what and why do they want to do an MBA! But maximum of us have no clue how it can shape our career and in what ways! We are unsure of the specializations in which we would want to carry our career path of MBA.

“Is it Finances, Marketing, Operations or Hr?” ponders an MBA aspirant. “Which will be my area of interest?”  This is a question which has bothered most of MBA aspirants for years and nobody can get the exact answers to it, but we can try getting close to the answer at least.

Let's see if Kavya and Shiv can resolve this dilemma by their conversation.
“Shiv, I want to do an MBA because I want a settled life of 9 hours job,” said Kavya to her mentor whom she has met on one of the online groups for MBA.
“Bad luck, Kavya! MBA is not going to make things easy for you. The dream of just 9 hours of job or high paying won’t be satiated soon in an early stage of career” said Shiv.

A founded fact is that the MBA does not provide you the end results but the means to achieve things. The coveted degree is no guarantee to any high salary initially but calibre to be on your feet 24*7. You get the resistance for handling things even while your shoulders will fail to stay stiff. You may not be the coolest one to post photos on Instagram of your high-paying job but will be the one who will be able to play multiple roles, with infinite deadlines and frequent change in deliverables.

With these things stacked in mind, Cat Prepzone is an initiative by the MBA graduate themselves who once upon a time had the same dilemmas and incessant queries throbbing their mind. These then MBA aspirants have successfully completed their 2-year MBA degree and now they all are holding themselves firmly against the corporate thrusts. But these recent graduates from premier management institutions wanted to do more and thus CAT Prepzone was born. This is an initiative to create a sense of awareness about the question that where thousands of aspirants go wrong while they are all suited to acquire their dream of cracking MBA entrances. These management graduates have come together to reform online education in a way that would not just answer the LOD 1,2,3 of Quant/DILR/VERBAL but also make the aspirants understand that why are they actually wanting to do MBA and how an MBA is going to be the life-changing event for them.

They want to traverse the path of cracking the entrances with the students and not just behind the students. They understand that not all of us can be able to grasp the concepts quickly, some need more time, and some would need more practice to be in the line. And this is the reason why they want to start teaching from the basics and then reach an advanced level.  They have already started to work on their initiative in 2018 by providing GD-PI courses where each student was allotted a mentor based on his/her profile. The customized method was offered to make the students work on their weaknesses and strengths in a promising manner. Even before the GD-PI course was offered, they started teaching such students who were enrolled in some other coaching centres but were not confident enough in some chapter of quant/DILR/verbal. Some had no door left to knock because they have already spent a large amount of money on coaching centres. They tried their level best to resolve each of their queries. Many of the faculty members have already been associated with renowned coaching centres (TIME, CL, IMS, MBA Guru, etc) and they know where they are lacking behind. This gives them the experience to get along with the students so that they can perform in a better and efficient manner. They are the bunch of young faculties who can connect with the students very easily both on professional as well as on personal footing. The students can just choose even one chapter of any subject to be taught about which they are feeling under-confident.

Actions speak louder than words and they totally have followed this one-liner by not being extra vocal about their unique pedagogy.  Starting with their maiden batch of Cat Prepzone 2018, there were 100 enrolments and the conversion rate is sky-rocketing 230% even though about 30% results are still pending.  The leading team of Prepzone doesn’t intend to stop here because they believe that they have a lot more to do for the students. And continuing this, they have started full-fledged classes for even this season of CAT 2019. They believe in starting early and ending early so that the students can revise as many times as possible. Also, they want their students to be pretty much relaxed till the time the mock season begins.

So, this is it!

All the much gyaan on MBA. If you want to continue receiving more such back-to-back gyaan throughout your journey of reaching your dream college, then join CAT Prepzone and be a Prepzoner.

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We wish you all the very best!

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